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A handpicked list of resources to dive deep into Generative AI

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Hello FollowFoxers!
As the year of 2023 comes to an end, we at FollowFox decided to share our thoughts and findings once again. But, as we were putting together the list of our blogs, we decided to fill it up with some external resources as well. Some may be interesting, some less, but we hope this ‘extensive-ish’ list will help newbies navigate the space more easily, and for experts, it will serve as a list to recap 2023.
If you come across a resource that you think deserves a spot on our list, or if there's something we missed, please let us know. We promise to continue filling up this list, with the hope that it will save time for AI enthusiasts and help share the knowledge.
Credits to everyone who’s resource we are sharing!

Intro to AI, or why we are ‘Partying like it's 1999’

This section gathers the resources that talk about the importance of AI, where it stands now, and explains why it is not just another hype-type of a product. Good to read for general understanding of the market

Examples of what AI can do

Sharing some of the use case examples that goes beyond generating a cute pictures of cat

Intro to image generation

The resources below will give you an introductory understanding of how diffusion works, knowledge of how professional artists are using it, and a provide a beginners guide to diffusion

Fine-tuning foundational models

Guide by FollowFox on how to install, run, and fine-tune Stable Diffusion on your PC. You can dive even deeper via our other pieces published on our blog

Building backend for Generative AI art service

Resources in this direction is very scarce, thus we decided to address it by disclosing the unsexy part of Distillery and sharing the details of how we built our back-end

Stable Diffusion prompting strategies

Each platform has its own specificity for prompt writing. Here we gathered a quick list of guides teaching you prompting for SD

Current problems of generative images

Below is a list of resources that bold out some of the possible obstacles that the generative AI field will face. It does not necessarily portray what the FollowFox team thinks future obstacles will look like.

Fun AI projects

A small collection of fun-side projects in AI

Other generative AI courses:

We could not, not, share the amazing work that Andrew Ng is doing for the AI community!

Other Posts worth looking at:

Below is a list of posts that could be interesting to some of you

As promised, we will continue filling up this list!
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