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Upcoming Lecture on Generative AI in Archeology with Professor Maurizio Forte

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Hello, FollowFox community!

TLDR: we have an upcoming lecture and display of our Archeology Generative AI project in the Chicago Field Museum with Professor Maurizio Forte from Duke University.

  • If you happen to be in town and want to attend, please sign up here (link)
  • If you want to join a live stream via Zoom, you can add this event to your calendar as a reminder (link)
  • or use this Zoom link on the day of the lecture (link)

More details:

Imagine, as a kid, visiting a museum where ancient monuments are brought to life. They spring into action, engaging in conversations and recreating the history behind them in vivid detail, and maybe even answering any question that comes to your mind!
Such immersive experiences and a lot more are quickly becoming scalably viable through the rapidly developing generative AI space.
We at followfox have been working with Professor Maurizio Forte from Duke University (Professor of Classical Studies, Art, Art History, and Visual Studies; LinkedIn) on the fascinating topic of using generative AI tools for archaeological reconstruction and immersive experiences.
The first results of this collaboration will be displayed in Chicago Field Museum. Onnoon6th, noon local time, Professor Maurizio Forte will read the lecture titled Death in the Etruscan World Between Humans and Immortals: A Journey Through Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.
For this exploration, we worked on one of the most significant preserved Etruscan monuments - The Pyrgi Relief. The ~6th century BCE depicts a fascinating and engaging scene involving gods and humans, Death and victory, cruelty, disappointment, and cannibalism!
Based on this monument, we put together an immersive experience that brings the scene to life and allows the viewer to imagine what that scene could have looked like. So, if you want to see more details and our final output, join the lecture, subscribe to our newsletter, and stay tuned, as we will share more in the future.
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