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Reflections on the Past Year and Plans for the Future

Greetings everyone!

We hope you've had a fantastic holiday season and celebrated all of the joys the beginning of the year offers. As we welcome 2023, we wanted to share a few updates on what you can expect from this newsletter and, more generally, from

2022 has been a bit of a chaotic start to what is shaping to be Fueled by the explosion of generative AI capabilities in the second half of the year and our enthusiasm for the technology, we knew we wanted to do something in this space. The plan was to explore what was going on, learn and experiment with things, and document some of the things that we have been discovering in this blog.

Our only goals in 2022 were to learn and be part of this exciting space, and the only expectation we had was that it would be exciting. And not only all of that came true but also our posts have been read by more than 5,000 viewers; we have 50+ subscribers and had the honor and chance to connect with amazing people in the space. I must mention @MichaelKevinSp2, author of AI Supremacy, who has supported us a ton.

AI Supremacy
None of the above-mentioned things are going to change in 2023, just a tiny bit less chaos and a bit more concrete goals that we hope will translate into something exciting.

2023 and our Newsletter

Updated Schedule

In 2023,’s Newsletter will publish new posts at least once a week. You can expect to see a new post every Monday, with the possibility of occasional additional posts. The amount of topics we want to explore and write about is almost endless in this insanely fast-moving space, and we hope that our more regular posting schedule will allow us to do so more consistently with some more depth to the content.

Type of content to expect

Directionally it won’t change much, and while you can expect most posts to fall into one of these categories, we can imagine some unexpected new events in this space that can override our plans. is being built.

This is not an announcement, but rather, we believe it’s important to share with our readers that is not just a newsletter, and we are building a startup in the generative AI space. It will probably take some time before we share specific details and our platform launches. As for now, we can share a few guiding principles around which we are building our startup:

  • We believe in a future powered by hyper-customized AI solutions for different needs and tasks. And aims to play a role in making that future happen by allowing broader audiences to get access to such customized AI solutions.
  • We believe that reducing complexity and bringing convenience are the two key aspects to open the doors for broader audiences to the power of generative AI. So those are the ideas around which we will build all our solutions.

We understand that this is extremely high level and lacks all the details, but nevertheless, we hope that space itself is so exciting that you will be interested in being part of our journey, wanting to be called part of’s community and see where we will end up.

Once again, wish you all the best in 2023 and hope to see you joining our journey this year.
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